Jose Guapo – Simutaneously (What That Mean) Mp3 Download

Jose Guapo Simutaneously What That Mean Mp3 Download lyrics

Jose Guapo released new song titled Simutaneously (What That Mean). Listen share with friends and download new songa nticipated single track vibe from Jose Guapo – Simutaneously (What That Mean).

If you’ve been on the Internet at all this week, you’ve probably seen this hilarious interview clip with Jose Guapo. In the clip, the interviewer was discussing how Guapo premiered a new song “simultaneously on all digital platforms.” This prompted the most hilarious response ever. “You tryna be T.I. and shit. Talkin’ ’bout ‘simultaneously’ like, you ain’t even had to use all them words in an interview. What that mean?” He genuinely asked. The clip made rounds on social media all week but thankfully, he’s honing the moment.


Download Jose Guapo – Simutaneously (What That Mean) Mp3 Download lyrics

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